Choose the Best Gift to Give in a Birthday

For all occasions gift baskets are great. These baskets come in a variety of styles, shape and are of different size. If you are looking for a gift basket you can surely find it for any occasion. One of the most common occasions to give a gift is the birthday.

Spa gift basket for men

As birthday is a day that comes once in a year and are a special occasion you need to add some more thought to a gift basket so that it can leave a lasting impression to the recipient. But while giving a gift basket some of the factors are taken into consideration.

It is easy to give a gift to someone to whom you know well as it is quite obvious that you know their likes and dislikes. You can create a gift basket with their favorite things. But sometimes it happens that you may not know the person, but you have to give a gift. So, in this case it is wise to give them something that is more general and safe. The idea behind giving this gift is to show that you have a lot of care for them.

There are different types of gifts and these gifts vary according to the recipient and the season of the birthday. For example, a gift basket given in the summer is quite different from the baskets that are given in the winter. Therefore, before giving a gift to anyone, you need to think twice.

Gift baskets for women  

Above all, you need to find such a gift basket for birthday, which will be best used by the recipient. One of the biggest mistake people usually made is that they give the gift without knowing whether it will be helpful for them or not.

So, it is necessary to give such a gift that the recipient can use it in the best possible way. According to me, a spa gift basket can be gifted to everyone. It does not matter whether you know the person or may not know the person, this can be the best possible gift. If you want to purchase it, you can find it from Blissful Balance.

Give a Spa Gift Basket to your Friend and Make her Birthday Special

Gift baskets are the most popular gifts one can give on birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions. There are different types of gift baskets. Usually this basket consists of fruits, chocolates, flowers, toys or other items.

It was a month ago when I was invited to a birthday party. It was of one of my best friends. At that time it was a challenging task for me to select a gift for her. So, I had to take the help of my sister. She suggested me to do a thorough research on the internet.

Spa gift basket for men

While searching over the net, I found beautifully decorated gift baskets with a variety of contents. As these are packed with various products, I thought these to be the best gift on birthday, weddings, etc. I found many spa gift baskets such as:

Pampered Hand gift basket: In daily life, everyone uses and abuses their hands. To give those hands a soothing effect, these spa products are the best choice. This basket consists of moisturizing gloves, a nail buffer, hand moisturizer, etc.

Gift basket for face: With this pampering gift, you can bring a smile on someone’s face. It includes a relaxing hot/cold eye mask, a scrub, day and night cream, headband and a natural lip balm.

                 Gift baskets for women  

Gift basket for Feet: It includes pumice stone, toe separator, nail polish, a foot massage cream and a foot roller.

After getting the ideas about these baskets, I decided to gift her spa basket that is filled with various bath products like lotions, aromatherapy candles, soaps, shower gel, body butter, etc. Thus, it promotes physical and mental well being. These are among the popular gifts for women.

Many thanks to Blissful Balance. This is the shop from where I purchased.

Why should you buy Spa Gift Baskets

Are you getting worried looking for a perfect gift for your dear ones? Why don’t you look for a gift that helps in reducing stress?

The most popular gift for ladies is the spa gift basket. These are considered to be a beautiful gift to give on a variety of functions. So, what exactly are the spa gift baskets?

These are nothing but a unique collection of bath products which consists of bath salt, body lotion, bath gel along with other bath accessories with a common theme, such as scent, colour, etc.

            Spa basket

These are quite different from other gifts. The main aim of providing the recipient with all these items is that they need to create a spa like atmosphere in their own bathroom. These products help in releasing tension of an individual and make one’s skin soft. To complete the spa like experience, some baskets also contains matching candles, tranquil music, sponges and other such items.

As they help in reducing strain, they can be given as a wonderful gift to your mother, sister or an individual particular. A few of the spa gifts are given below.

Different types of spa gifts are available in different gift centres or other departmental stores. You can purchase bridal spa gift, new mom spa basket, thank you baskets etc. But before sending it to the recipient you should be clear that the recipient to whom you are sending should not have allergy that can be induced by spa treatment.

          Gift baskets for women  

Selecting such basket depends on the person to whom you are sending the gift and also the occasion.

The best way to purchase the spa gifts for your family, friends is to look up on the internet. You will find a large number of website that offers a wide variety of gift baskets to choose.Blissful Balance provides details about the gift baskets.

Why do you Seek for a Gift Basket?

Gifts are the essence of hearty wishes and a symbol of care. Thus, the easier way to express your feelings towards a person is to offer a gift. Giving and receiving gift is one of the ancient customs that has been preserved throughout time and manages to make a bond between two persons by bringing a piece of light in the heart of the receiver as well as the giver. Whatever may be the occasion gift basket always sends the right message.

Gift baskets for women  

I remember the day when I was making a gift basket for my cousin. She was getting married and it was the first occasion in our family. Since a wedding is most important event in many people’s life, family and friends should provide the best gift to them. Wedding gift baskets are always a safe choice since they contain items that both brides and grooms can appreciate. Selecting an appropriate gift at that time was a challenging job for me.

While purchasing a gift for her; I had to seek suggestion as a beginner.


A load of thanks to my friend. She helped me a lot and gave a lot of suggestions.  We came across a number of websites but at last we found Blissful Balance and from there we shopped. I got a spa gift basket at Blissful Balance. It had a shower gel, sea salts, aromatherapy soaps, pumice stones, eye masks, Shea butter, and body oil and body lotion. All these products were arranged in a gift basket.  It was bit time taking but it helped me a lot.

If you are interested to give gift baskets, you can order them from Blissful Balance.

Making a new Mom Gift Basket was totally a New Experience

For a single bubbly girl like me it was completely new! Yes, I was making a gift basket for my best friend Stella. She has become a mummy making me a new auntie too! Loads of good wishes to the mom and child!

I am completely new into this sort of elderly environment. Why am I saying elderly, despite being in mid 20’s is that, I usually do not show interest in such things. Though such occasions do come in my family also, but I stay away from it. That’s why while shopping this time; I had to seek suggestions as a beginner.

New mother gift basket     

Thanks to my elder sister. She helped me a lot in the shopping. Blissful Balance is where we shopped from. It is a wonderful place to shop. You will have to choose from a large number of options. Quite fascinating for an explorer like me! I always like to explore from various options. Though I know it’s a bit time taking, but still it helps me in getting the best products. And this is another reason why people (I am referring to my family members and relatives only; I don’t shop with strangers lol!) fear going shopping with me.

Personal talks apart, here’s how I came through Blissful Balance. Keep reading till the end and I will give you some other references as well.

  • Just after completing our lunch, we (we? I and my sister, of course) both sat in front of the laptop, sipping over hot steaming coffee.
  • “New mom gift basket”! Yes! This is exactly what she typed in Google. And there came a number of websites in the result page. I was so excited that I just hoped, if I could manage opening all the websites at a time and glance through their product page all at a time, just as I do when I am in a shopping mall. Telling you here, my eyes swim through every shelf in the shopping store, the moment I set my eyes into it.

Spa gift baskets

  • I went till the last product page of 5 websites, before finally clicking on Blissful Balance (BB). I got a lovely spa gift basket at BB. It had a shower gel, sea salts, aromatherapy soaps, pumice stone, eye mask, sea wool sponge, Shea butter, body oil, body lotion and aromatherapy candles. What made it even more appealing is that all these spa products were arranged decoratively in a hand woven gift basket. The moment my eyes set into it, I ordered it.

Here are 4 other websites I came through during my investigation (sounding like a crime branch officer!),

  • Gifts with a Twist
  • Gift Tree
  • Baskets Galore
  • Comfy Gift boxes

Pamper or Spoil Someone you Care about with a Relaxing Gift.

Women always love surprises and accepting gifts. And if the gift is something related to beauty care then they will definitely love it and enjoy it. So pamper your loved ones with spa gifts for women. This Christmas surprise her with this gift of love. Nothing can be a better place than a spa for the women to relax after so much work stress at home and office. You just forget the outside world and relax yourself complete and get ready for the wonderful Christmas party. You will look more radiant, healthy and beautiful after the spa treatment. Well these gifts are not just for women, men also can enjoy these spa treatments. And what if you can enjoy this spa like feel at home itself? It’s really awesome..

Best spa gift baskets are the great choice for someone. Choose the baskets according to your choice and requirement. There are many varieties of Spa baskets available depending on the occasion like Christmas, New Year, birthdays or anniversaries or you can design the basket of your choice for gifting them. If your idea is to give someone a relaxing and personal care then this will be a good idea.

Spa gift basket for men

These Spa gift baskets generally come in three different sizes Large, Medium and small and according to the requirement. They actually have:

  • Bath or shower gel
  • Face Masks
  • Body scrub
  • Nourishing Hand and Body lotions
  • Foot Lotion
  • Massage Oils or Body Oils
  • Aromatherapy soaps
  • Soothing Eye gels
  • Stone/brush
  • Head band which is 100% cotton
  •  Aromatherapy Candles
  • Spa Robe

They have collection of corporate gift baskets also. You can gift them to your employees just for inspiring or rewarding them for their hard work. This can be done for promoting wellness and health as well. You can gift them to your client who will definitely be surprised and thrilled for such a relaxing gift.

Relaxation gift baskets 

Spa gifts for women are special baskets designed specially by you for your women. I LOVE YOU spa gift basket would be better choice if you don’t know how to design a better basket for your loved. This is an already designed basket. Surprise him/her with gift basket. They offer a wide collection of spa products and gift baskets. Celebrate the special with special person by gifting this special basket. They also have a special collection of just the bath and body products like bath gel, Salts, scrub, lotions, Oil, Balms etc. While select the products into your own basket you even have the choice of selecting a beautiful basket as well. They have wide range of spa accessories also like brush, massager, sponge and gloves etc. The orders placed online will be shipped within twenty four hours. Orders placed before 3 PM are delivered same day itself. If you have any special request or occasion then u can call them or email them for quick response on your orders. Complimentary gift wrapping and gift cards will be given with all kinds of gift baskets.

Blissful balance shares a deeply command belief that everybody wants a peaceful and nurturing place in their lives to relax, soften away stress, rejuvenate, heal and promote a really ‘blissful balance’ in body, mind and spirit.

What to include in a New Mother’s Gift Basket?

Is a baby shower party on the calendar recently? Are you frantically looking for a gift for the new mother or the soon-to-be-new-mom? Are you yearning to gift the best among all the guests? Yes? Then follow the lines till the end!

Motherliness is the in born instinct of women, but suddenly changing the lifestyle from a wife to a mother is a bit challenging. Many women get confused in this sudden transition. Hence if you want to gift something genuine to this new mom, gift her something that can help her cope with her new life; something that can aid her in accomplishing her role as a mother.

Gift baskets for women  

In a baby shower or a new born party, people usually take the gifts for the baby, but the mom also needs love and attention. Hence when attending such blessed events, make sure to pack a basket for the mom as well and wish the mother all good luck for handling the most important phase of her life.

What should you include in a new mother gift basket?

Fill the basket with gourmets. Even after the baby is born, mother needs rich foods as she has to feed her baby. Add fruits, cheese, high fat and carbohydrate rich foods to the gift basket. You can even add some of her favourite delicacies. Remember you cannot include everything in the basket; consult a doctor or a food expert in this regard. Anything that the mother eats affects the health of the child. Hence be particular in filling the basket. Loads as many vitamins and minerals as you can. Fruits and green vegetables are the best options.

You can even add some baby accessories to the basket like some organic clothes, diapers, baby wraps, etc.

You can even add something retreating! It’s something different and unique too! Give a therapeutic gift basket instead. Pack the finest brands of spa items in the gift basket. You can include a bath gel, sea salts, shea butter, nourishing body lotion, body oil, aromatherapy soap and candle, eye mask, pumice stone and sea wool sponge.

Gift baskets for women  

You can seek the expert suggestions of a gift store dealing with gifts for new mothers. They can give you a personalized idea on packing a new mother gift basket. There are a number of online as well as traditional stores available.

If you are looking for the best gifts to gift a new mom, you may consider your help via Blissful Balance. It deals with gifts for various occasions like birthday, baby shower, new mother, business, Valentine’s Day, etc. Customer friendly attitude and in-time delivery services are the chief aspects of its business portfolio.

Gift her Spa Basket- An Exceptional of Portraying Love and Care

Gifting a spa basket is one of the many ways to please a woman. Spa gifts are the ultimate gifting options for any woman. Hence if you are planning to gift something unique as well as soothing and comforting for your lady, gift her spa basket. There are many things which can be included in this, but you need to take into consideration some of these, so that your intention of gifting gets accelerated to a greater extent.

Women love being gifted something rare and exceptional. Rarity and uniqueness epitomizes love and care for them. Anything that is soothing is sure to entice them. And a healing spa gift basket can serve this purpose well. Here’s the main concern, what should you include in the gift basket?

Spa gift basket for men

A healing spa gift basket should contain body lotions, soap, aromatherapy candles, essential oils, body massage, soft and slow music CD, perfumes, etc. Given below is a detailed list of various types of essential items available that are usually included in a spa basket.

  • Lavender spa! People often confuse it as a synonym for spa. This is one of the highly effective spas. Lavender spa gift basket will definitely have lavender scented body lotion, shower gel, perfumes, muscle pain relief balm, herbal flax seed pillow, aromatherapy candle, foot lotion, wood massager, herbal bath teas, soft music CD, massage oil and an aromatherapy soap.
  • Vanilla spa bath accessories are also one of the highly sought after spa products. This includes vanilla milk bubble bath, shower gel, bath caviar beads, absorbent towel and body lotion. Some spa gift baskets also contain as many items as the lavender ones, depending on the requirement and price.

There are few other types of spas like peppermint, chamomile, etc.

Apart from the spa gifts, there’s an important benefit associated with the spa gift basket also. Usually the spa gift baskets are highly colorful and designed.  For gifting in the nice way, you need to enhance the outer appeal. The beauty of the basket cover plays an important contributing factor for how strongly the gift will be accepted by the other end. Now coming to the benefit associated with a spa gift basket. One can store essential bathroom accessories in these beautifully decorated baskets. One can even use it for storing photos and cosmetics.

Aromatherapy basket        

So just imagine how much happiness is associated with a spa basket. So wait no more and gift her best you can!

 If you are looking to purchase a healing spa gift basket for someone special, you may consider your help via  Blissful Balance. It basically deals with gift accessories for various purposes like wedding, birthday, house warming, Christmas, etc.