Give a Spa Gift Basket to your Friend and Make her Birthday Special

Gift baskets are the most popular gifts one can give on birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions. There are different types of gift baskets. Usually this basket consists of fruits, chocolates, flowers, toys or other items.

It was a month ago when I was invited to a birthday party. It was of one of my best friends. At that time it was a challenging task for me to select a gift for her. So, I had to take the help of my sister. She suggested me to do a thorough research on the internet.

Spa gift basket for men

While searching over the net, I found beautifully decorated gift baskets with a variety of contents. As these are packed with various products, I thought these to be the best gift on birthday, weddings, etc. I found many spa gift baskets such as:

Pampered Hand gift basket: In daily life, everyone uses and abuses their hands. To give those hands a soothing effect, these spa products are the best choice. This basket consists of moisturizing gloves, a nail buffer, hand moisturizer, etc.

Gift basket for face: With this pampering gift, you can bring a smile on someone’s face. It includes a relaxing hot/cold eye mask, a scrub, day and night cream, headband and a natural lip balm.

                 Gift baskets for women  

Gift basket for Feet: It includes pumice stone, toe separator, nail polish, a foot massage cream and a foot roller.

After getting the ideas about these baskets, I decided to gift her spa basket that is filled with various bath products like lotions, aromatherapy candles, soaps, shower gel, body butter, etc. Thus, it promotes physical and mental well being. These are among the popular gifts for women.

Many thanks to Blissful Balance. This is the shop from where I purchased.


Making a new Mom Gift Basket was totally a New Experience

For a single bubbly girl like me it was completely new! Yes, I was making a gift basket for my best friend Stella. She has become a mummy making me a new auntie too! Loads of good wishes to the mom and child!

I am completely new into this sort of elderly environment. Why am I saying elderly, despite being in mid 20’s is that, I usually do not show interest in such things. Though such occasions do come in my family also, but I stay away from it. That’s why while shopping this time; I had to seek suggestions as a beginner.

New mother gift basket     

Thanks to my elder sister. She helped me a lot in the shopping. Blissful Balance is where we shopped from. It is a wonderful place to shop. You will have to choose from a large number of options. Quite fascinating for an explorer like me! I always like to explore from various options. Though I know it’s a bit time taking, but still it helps me in getting the best products. And this is another reason why people (I am referring to my family members and relatives only; I don’t shop with strangers lol!) fear going shopping with me.

Personal talks apart, here’s how I came through Blissful Balance. Keep reading till the end and I will give you some other references as well.

  • Just after completing our lunch, we (we? I and my sister, of course) both sat in front of the laptop, sipping over hot steaming coffee.
  • “New mom gift basket”! Yes! This is exactly what she typed in Google. And there came a number of websites in the result page. I was so excited that I just hoped, if I could manage opening all the websites at a time and glance through their product page all at a time, just as I do when I am in a shopping mall. Telling you here, my eyes swim through every shelf in the shopping store, the moment I set my eyes into it.

Spa gift baskets

  • I went till the last product page of 5 websites, before finally clicking on Blissful Balance (BB). I got a lovely spa gift basket at BB. It had a shower gel, sea salts, aromatherapy soaps, pumice stone, eye mask, sea wool sponge, Shea butter, body oil, body lotion and aromatherapy candles. What made it even more appealing is that all these spa products were arranged decoratively in a hand woven gift basket. The moment my eyes set into it, I ordered it.

Here are 4 other websites I came through during my investigation (sounding like a crime branch officer!),

  • Gifts with a Twist
  • Gift Tree
  • Baskets Galore
  • Comfy Gift boxes